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Chick season is generally from March through June with new chicks arriving every Thursday. Each week we will receive a different variety of peeps. Chicks are 99% guaranteed to be pullets and are 24 hours old upon arrival.

Chick Varieties will Include
Ameracauna - Green egg layer
Barred Rock - Dual & year round
Black Australop - Dual, Brown eggs, Heavy Layer
Black Sex-Link - An Asian favorite
Buff Orpington - Heavy & Dual
White Leghorn - White egg layer
Cornish Cross - Meat bird, ready in 8 weeks
Danish Brown Leghorns - White egg Layer
Delaware - Dual
Dominiques - Show, similar to Barred Rock
Golden Laced Wyandottes- Hardy & year round
Golden Sex-Link - High yield
Brahama - Dual & Hardy
New Hampshire Red - Thrifty & strong
Rhode Island Red - Dual, High yield,
Salmon Faverolle
s - Mid size, Light Brown/pink eggs
Silkies - Ba
Silver Laced Wyandottes - Hardy & year round
White Leghorn - White egg, thrifty & resist disease

Misc. Birds- No guarantee on availability
- Broad breasted & White
Guineas -

Chick Terminology
Pullets          Female birds
Cockerel        Male male birds
Straight Run   Non sexed birds
Dual             Good for butcher & egg production
Thrifty         High egg production for little feed
Hardy          Thrive in all climates
Year around    Lays eggs year round
High Yield      Lays more than 250 eggs a year

Special Order chicks can be made with a quantity
of 25 or more during chick season.

All birds are on a first come basis. SOS will not "hold" birds. Birds are not guaranteed. Once a bird leaves SOS property it is legally not allowed back. No returns or exchanges.



             SOS carries all of your
                   chicken supplies

Heat lamps & bulbs             Chick starter
Feeders in all sizes            Waterers in all sizes
Automatic waterers          Vitamins & Electrolyte
Antibiotics                            Wormer
Foul Pox vaccine                 Supplements
Insecticides                           Nesting Boxes
Coupes & Pens                       Bedding
Egg Cartons

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